VoCare My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert

My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert

The Go-Anywhere Medical Alert System

VoCare My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert

The My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert, also known as a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System), offers maximum safety and security for a minimum investment, along with a number of advantages over other PERS and Medical Alert Systems:

  • Works inside and OUTSIDE user’s home
  • Local support from YOUR doctor
  • Integrated Location-Based Identifier
  • Built-in AFDN - Automatic Fall Detection Notification
  • Long-life battery - user is not stuck without service
  • User-friendly, yet very affordable for any budget
  • One-button 24/7 support anywhere the user goes

Current third-party products work well, as long as the user is INSIDE his or her home. However, if he or she travels OUTSIDE the home, these devices no longer function. Since 45% of all falls by seniors happen OUTSIDE the home, old third-party technology is not a senior citizen’s best, or most affordable choice.

The My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert has a number of amazing features. For comfort purposes, it can be worn as a pendant or around the wrist, like a wristwatch. One outstanding safety feature is called a Location-Based Identifier, which can be used to track the user’s location - easily and quickly.

The My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert Automatic Fall Detection is another anywhere/anytime feature. If a user falls, VoCare's OnTrac™ Call Center is immediately and automatically notified. If the user fails to respond to our call, then the OnTrac™ Call Center immediately notifies 9-1-1, so an ambulance can be dispatched. Instead of lying there for hours, the user is rescued in minutes by emergency assistance staff.

Most people don't realize the impact that falls have on seniors and their families. It’s a fact that, in any given year, more than one-third of all seniors will fall, which means that about 12 million seniors will fall this year and 45% will do it outside of their homes.

Even more alarming is the recent statistic released by the National Institute of Health, which says that 67% of the elderly who fall and are incapacitated to the point that they are unable to seek help for 72 hours or longer, will not survive! Alternatively and more important, if help can be attained within ONE hour, only 12% of the fall victims die.

With accidents and falls so prevalent in our elderly citizen population, it’s nice to know that the My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert provides peace of mind with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week personal emergency support from real live people at the OnTrac™ Call Center. The My SafetyButton™ Medical Alert helps transform fear into freedom, as it offers seniors a new way to live longer in their own homes - safely and securely.